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BMW i may have the sexiest hybrid cars on the planet, but it’s Toyota that reigns as the world’s eco car champion. In just over two decades the Japanese giant has put nine million fuel-sipping hybrid cars on the road, more than anyone else by far. Nearly half of them have been Priuses, a car that has been firmly established as the poster child for hybrid tech. more >

“The handling is also helped by placing the lithium-ion battery just before the rear axle. This lowers the vehicle’s centre of gravity and maximises boot space. The Ioniq may be new to the hybrid segment, but Hyundai has already done a lot of things right with it. But the best part about the Ioniq remains the fact that potential buyers don’t have to learn anything new to drive it. You turn it on and it just works. That, plus the car’s design, is sure to leave them positively charged.” more >

Despite feeling relatively normal, the interior of the Ioniq is rather friendly towards the environment. The headlining and carpet use materials extracted from sugar cane, for example, while the interior door covers are made of natural plastic combined with powdered wood and volcanic stone. Again, you can’t really tell… in a good way. more >

"When the Hyundai IONIQ was first unveiled at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show that took place from 1 March 2016 to 13 March 2016, Vice-Chairman of Hyundai Motor R&D Center Mr Moon-Sik Kwon said: “The launching event announced the start of new future mobility and our will for technological innovation to the world. Hyundai Motor will spearhead efforts to become the global number two in the green car market by introducing over 22 models in the eco-friendly car line-up by 2020.” more >

TODAY newspaper calls the IONIQ an “ION CANNON” as it’s a serious challenger to the Toyota Prius

Dr Ahn Byungki, director of Hyundai’s eco car performance group told TODAY in an interview that IONIQ is the first ever project that is exclusively for eco cars to fight on against Japanese carmaker Toyota which rules the hybrid world now

Editor commented that Hyundai’s approach is different from its competitors as IONIQ will debut globally in 3 variants, plug-in hybrid and full-electric version.

Editor feels that the IONIQ has more ‘cool’ factor like the techno-cool grey and blue color scheme, active instrument panel and lovely-to-use steering wheel.

In terms of drivability, most Editors who has test-driven felt that IONIQ has slight edge over Prius in terms of dynamics (i.e more power, dual-clutch gear-box which gave the feeling of more direct acceleration).

Editor was really impressed with IONIQ’s interior quietness while traveling at high speed where the wind noise level inside the cabin was much lesser.

In addition, high-tech touches makes the IONIQ different from the other Hyundai sedan as there are air-conditioned seats, good legroom and Qi wireless smartphone charging.

On safety equipment, IONIQ has technology usually reserved for luxury sedans such as blind spot detection, autonomous braking, adaptive cruise control and six airbags. more >

CARBUYER magazine said the Hyundai IONIQ hybrid is set to give the Toyota Prius a hard time because of its refined design, technology and driving feel.

IONIQ differs is in the extra touch of modernity where car’s gray and blue interior feels very modern , high-tech and a nice change from usual beige /black of most Asian cars.

Editor added that the steering wheel, shaped three-spoke , flat bottomed design is good to hold and use and feel.

To add on, the dashboard panel is computerized , fully-active display and first of its kind in a Korean car.

In terms of driving feel, the editor commented that with dual-clutch choice, the handover power feels seamless. At full acceleration, the IONIQ’s also impressively punchy, electric torque can keep up for sub-50km/h dash.

Hyundai engineers claimed to have paid additional attention to lessening noise and vibration through strategic insulation in and around passenger cabin.

IONIQ rarely has the ‘I need more power’ feeling of most hybrids

In terms of safety and driver assistance, it packs more than usual you would find on Asian car and many extras you wouldn’t find in luxury sedan (i.e. 7 airbags, blind spot detection, lane keeping assist , autonomous braking, adaptive cruise control and reserve camera). more > calls the IONIQ a “Bold, Confident and Good-looking” car and it is a product that is, in his words “..the start of something bursting with promise & potential”.

In terms of driving feel, the editor commented that it exudes the cutting-edge, new age feel, like how the BMW i-Cars look and feel.

Like most Editors who have test-driven, the unanimous statement is, it is “fun to drive”.

And of course, a key factor is the price and service. Less than $ 120,000 in the sea of hybrid cars and the 10 years warranty for hybrid battery.

Impressive bottomline = it packs more than the usual in an East Asian car and extras that can’t be found even in luxury executive sedans such as Audi A4 or BMW 3 series. more >

The Ioniq is a long overdue attack by Hyundai on the Toyota Prius and its dominance on the hybrid family car market. It also gives a constant but mostly subtle indication of Hyundai's vision for the future of motoring, rather than forcing a major change upon us.
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